In its Second Conference, organised in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran, on 12th–14th May 2008, APMCHUD decided to adopt, in addition to a Declaration, an Action Plan (1) detailing specific actions for implementation in the period between the conferences. Furthermore, the Conference called upon countries of the region to promote and establish technical networks and working groups ‘…to ensure the effective execution of the action plan, relating to the different sub-themes (APMCHUD, 2008 b).’ In its Third Conference held in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia, on 22th-24th June 2010, APMCHUD agreed to establish five Working Groups, the Secretariat of which was to be hosted by volunteer member countries. These included:

  • WG1 Urban and Rural Planning and Management
  • WG2 Upgrading of Slums and Informal Settlements
  • WG3 Delivery of MDGs for Water and Sanitation
  • WG4 Financing Sustainable Housing
  • WG5 Urban Development with a focus on Natural Disasters

(1) In later conferences, this action plan has been called an Implementation Plan.