Concept papers

APMCHUD7 Concept Note: PDF

APMCHUD6 Concepts Papers:

WORKING GROUP I – Urban and Rural Planning and Management

  • Urban and Rural Planning and Management: Integrated Planning, Management and Governance Structure Imperatives

WORKING GROUP II. Regional Urban Upgrading Working Group

  •  Upgrading of Slums and Informal Settlements: Unorganized Growth in Peripheral Areas and Slum Upgrading Aspects

WORKING GROUP III. Basic Services including Energy and Mobility for Integrated and Inclusive Development

  • Delivery of Basic Services: Ensuring Basic Services including Mobility for Integrated Development

WORKING GROUP IV. Financing Sustainable Housing and Urban Development including Ensuring Access to Housing and Smart City Development in the Urban-Rural Continuum

  • Financing Sustainable Housing : Ensuring Access to Housing and Housing Finance in the Urban – Rural Continuum

WORKING GROUP V. Urban Development with a focus on Natural, Man-made and Climate –induced Disasters: Building Urban resilience

  • Urban Development with reference to Natural and Climate Change related Disasters: Building Urban Resilience